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StupidSimpleUpdater (SSUP) is an msi-based updater packaged as a merge module for easy integration into your projects.
A permissive MIT license ensures maximum compatibility with even the most strictly licensed of commercial projects.


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An example of how StupidSimpleUpdater looks to the end-user

Easy to integrate

StupidSimpleUpdater is great for developers of smaller Windows applications who want an easy way to present their users with the latest version of their software without a complicated delivery backend. SSUP only requires developers to add the merge module to their project and provide a public URL pointing to where their update manifest is located.

User friendly approach

If you want to allow your users to control when they receive updates, then SSUP is right for you! When updates are displayed, users see a friendly window with patch-notes and are given the option to postpone or even skip the update. If you are ready to integrate SSUP into your project, you should check out the wiki.